Here's what I'm all about!

  • Financial Empowerment Now: Being able to hit double digits
  • Stability + Control: being able to plan for your future
  • Ease Burnout + Find Joy: Stay in your profession + Do Your life's Work

What's the most important return on investment
that you want from working with me?

"Let's create an amazing business for you, so that you can serve the clients you love
and have the income + lifestyle you need.

Olethea Pimenta


You're ready to Go!


Wait, What's that...

I don't have a business yet. But even if I did, I'm not sure I can trust someone who is a business coach

Totally Ok. I want to coach other women, because I knew therapy and not really how to work for myself. I felt like if only someone could hire me to do therapy or do all the business stuff. I would be so happy. Now that I have figured out the business stuff, I feel like whoa! I want to share it with you! Because you can be a really good clinician and have a business. I design business routines and habits so that the outcome is excellent clinical outcomes.  

What would a business coach do for my business?

Totally fair question. Here is what I’m good at. 

  • Financial Empowerment
    *Helping you make money and save money. But really giving you the tools you need to charge a premium fee
  • Stability + Control: being able to plan for your future
    *This is huge for me. Giving you stability so that you can move your practice if your partner gets transferred. You need to relocate or just have a bigger dream to travel
  • Ease Burnout + Find Joy: Stay in your profession + Do Your life's Work
    *Therapy saved my Life. No seriously. But my practice was not actually looking after me. If you are going to do your life's work - your practice has to look after you. Let me help you have balance in your life and bank account.

Hmm why do I need a biz coach, there's so much free info available everywhere?

Totally, I have free stuff for you too. Look for me, it’s the difference between doing quizzes, reading about attachment styles versus actually working with a therapist. Our clients come to us because they need someone to call them on their stuff with loving kindness and offer actionable steps that they can implement now. Our clients need us to hold space for them, hold love for them right now even as they rebuild to something better. That is the big difference between free stuff and actually working with me – calling you on your stuff, offering supportive accountability and giving you specific tools. But totally sign up for the free stuff too;)

You're ready to Go!


Here is what I offer:

Business Strategy

Mindset Shifts

Supportive Accountability

3 Months of Coaching

I put out the stepping stones, so you know how to go from information, to insight to action. Investment: $2,250 usd

Your Next Steps

I'm in your Corner! Reach out when you're Ready!

Book a Consult

I’m a practising therapist, nothing unethical here, I built my online practice. I can help you. Second, you’re afraid this is money down the drain. Whoa! If you’re not feeling it, I give you a”I just want good karma” money back guarantee. So book that consult.

Get New Tools

I know you’ve read a lot and done so many freebies. Here is what’s different. No info dumping on you, just stepping stones to actionable strategies and game changing mindset shifts. So you actually do less and only the stuff that is going to move the needle towards balance and your big goals.

Go Change Lives

When your business is taking care of you – you get to show up for your clients. Because it is not on them to look after you – it’s on you. So let me help design you a business that looks after you, so you can change lives.