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Olethea Pimenta


Olethea Pimenta

Hi! I'm Olethea

Olethea Pimenta


I am a registered Psychotherapist and I have a completely online practice. I have a 2 year Masters in Education, a 5 year program in Gestalt Therapy, training in Couples therapy with Terry Real and countless direct clinical hours as a practising therapist. But you know you can just call me an overnight success. You’ve heard of “mom of 1 making lots of money online”? Well, now you’ve met her. Surprise!

You have to do it for yourself first,
but not by yourself.

All joking aside. I am really passionate about helping other women grow their practices. I so strongly believe if you want to empower others you have to empower yourself first. 

You have to do it for yourself first, but not by yourself. 

I help women build
Empowering Practices Online

  • Financial Empowerment Now: Being able to say what you need + how to make it happen, so this is not your story - $32,000/year with a Masters
  • Stability + Control: Being able to plan for your future, partner gets transferred, job relocation, travelling or growing your family
  • Ease Burnout + Find Joy: Stay in your profession + Do Your life's Work
    Therapy saved my Life. But my practice was not actually looking after me. If you are going to do your life's work - your practice has to look after you. This is about having balance in your life and bank account.
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I’m a practising therapist, nothing unethical here, I built my online practice. I can help you. Second, you’re afraid this is money down the drain. Whoa! If you’re not feeling it, I give you a”I just want good karma” money back guarantee. So book that consult.

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I know you’ve read a lot and done so many freebies. Here is what’s different. No info dumping on you, just stepping stones to actionable strategies and game changing mindset shifts. So you actually do less and only the stuff that is going to move the needle towards balance and your big goals.

Go Change Lives

When your business is taking care of you – you get to show up for your clients. Because it is not on them to look after you – it’s on you. So let me help design you a business that looks after you, so you can change lives.